Create a product

Create your own product in 6 easy steps

Choose your packaging

One of the most important things about cosmetics is how they are presented. Tell us your vision, your inspiration and we will surely find something interesting for you. You can choose the packaging from our wide range of products or we can find something else for you that will meet your expectations. From very traditional types of packaging to complete novelties. We cooperate with manufacturers from all over the world – Asia, Europe and the USA.

Imagine the finish and design of your brand

If you have chosen the perfect packaging for your product you need to think about its design. We offer you the possibility to use any technique to emphasise your logo and make your packaging stand out from the competition. We offer: hot stamping, screen printing, various types of metallization, labels created especially for you, a decorative line for your cosmetics.

Decide what kind of mass you need

Ready-made packaging is just the beginning. Now you need to think about what you want to offer your consumers. Think about the special requirements of the masses. When you need a cosmetic with organic certification or just a good product – we are open to create it especially for you. We have a wide range of ready-made products, from which it is easy to find something interesting for yourself. Of course, if you are planning something special, just let us know. If you like a product but you can’t find it in our standard range, please send us a sample of the product you like and we will do our best to create one especially for you.

Think of your favourite colours

Even the best mass is nothing without the right colour. You can easily find the perfect shade for your product in our very wide range of colours. We have over 300 nail polish colours, over 200 lipsticks and many more eyeshadows. If you need a special colour, created just for you or have some inspiration taken from the market – we can prepare the right sample for you.

Find the best way to pack

The prepared product must have the right appearance on the shop shelf. We offer many packaging options, we can prepare cardboard boxes with product leaflets, product sets or special pallets. We are open to preparing occasional packages such as advent calendars, Christmas gifts etc. If you need ecological packaging, we can produce it for you from special paper which meets all the required standards.

Think about the packaging of your products and logistical criteria

Once the product is ready, you just need to give us your logistical requirements. Do you need: 3-pack, 5-pack or 50 small cartons? Tell us your requirements and we will take care of everything. We can pack your product in foil packaging, protective sleeves, small cartons or simply individually – we meet all the required standards.

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